Sonya Tafejian

Sonya received her BA in Political Science from Sacramento State University and then worked for the California State Senate doing bill analysis for Housing and Urban Affairs legislation. In 1990 she moved to Petaluma, with her young daughter. She worked in Energy Efficiency, was later a Co-founder of Forty Oaks Cohousing Community. In 2012 Sonya began studying local zoning codes to find a way to legally live in her Tiny House which was in the process of being built. By 2014 she was legally permitted and living in her Tiny House just outside of Petaluma. For the next several years, Sonya taught monthly workshops on Certification, Permitting and Infrastructure for Tiny Homes. She has since worked as a consultant to help people set up and secure permits for tiny houses, guest houses and ADUs in the Sonoma County. Find Sonya On Facebook at: Tiny House and Second Unit Permit Services or by calling 707-779-9474.