The Sonoma Independent is an online magazine of independent analysis, information, solutions and “What You Can Do” civic engagement tools. As a non-profit public interest media organization, we present useful, well-documented content independent of the influence of corporations, lobbyists, or politicians. Our intention is to serve the public interest and our shared ecology by expanding awareness of important issues that affect our community and our lives.

The Sonoma Independent is the first news website launched by Informing to Empower, a new educational non-profit with a national board and an aspiration to assist other communities create their own locally controlled solution-focused public interest websites. In a time of unparalleled corporate media consolidation, our goal is to help build a better-informed, more empowered society to serve our health, our communities and our planet.

We welcome your tax-deductible donations here, and your suggestions at feedback [at] For local advertising opportunities, please contact info [at]

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