“John Barron” Turns 40 While Trump Remains a 6-Year Old Colbert, Trevor Noah & Seth Meyers make similar point in hilarious roasts of Trump's notorious alias scam

Posted by - April 29, 2024

In the make believe world of Donald Trump’s alternative reality, John Barron turned 40 years old on May 17th, the very same day that the son he named after his fictitious spokesman  graduated from high school. Meanwhile, as President Biden recently observed the White House Correspondents’ Association dinner: “Age is an issue. I’m a grown

What Trump’s John Baron Deception Says About our Truth-less President Pundits Reflect on Deeper Meaning of Story About Trump Lying His Way onto Forbes Rich List

Posted by - May 16, 2018

My recent article in the Washington Post about Donald Trump lying his way onto the first Forbes 400, accompanied by a 1984 audio recording of Trump pretending to be the fictitious John Baron, provided a timely springboard for commentators to offer valuable insights into the career and character of the President of the United States.