Vote Colthurst and Smith if You Want Our Health Care District to Survive: Commentary We the people agree that the public welfare is improved by having a hospital in the community

Posted by - October 25, 2018

Thoughts on present election for the Palm Drive Health Care District Board election November 6: We are at a crossroads—for the District as for the country.  Will “we the people” agree to oligarch style leadership or do we wish to retain our democracy? Will we vote to further the personal economic agenda of the few

Thriving New Hospital Passes Key Profitability Milestones Temporary Cash Flow Crunch at SWMC Caused By Reopening Costs, Not Operational Losses

Posted by - February 12, 2016

With flowers budding everywhere, balmy sunny days and the greenest, best- watered fields to be seen in years, it feels as though a vibrant early springtime has arrived in West Sonoma County. Meanwhile, perched on the picturesque Laguna of Santa Rosa, our community’s new hospital is experiencing its own unexpectedly early fiscal spring. Based on

Behind Palm Drive Hospital’s Closing: Wells Fargo Bank & the Shutdown Playbook Decision to close made before single hearing; attorney for bond holders misleads public

Posted by - April 15, 2018

(This article first appeared at on May 21, 2014; it has been slightly updated to add additional documentation).  The decision last month by Palm Drive’s Board of Directors to reject the doctor-led Foundation Plan that would have kept the hospital open was the moment of truth in the contentious struggle to retain a life-saving emergency