#Dumbkirk & the Benefits of Ridiculing Trumpsters From #Sinking to “woman & klansmen first!,” failed boat parade lifts opposition tide

Posted by - September 11, 2020

After four years of bottomless hypocrisy, insults and over 20,000 verified lies, Trump not only invites ridicule, he deserves it. With deceit at the core of both his governance and reelection strategy, one can safely say that the best way to know President Trump is lying is that his lips are moving. The sinking of

Trump’s Attack on Biden’s Faith Echoes Norman Peale’s Anti-Catholic Campaign Against Kennedy Peale's gospel of selfishness, America First ideology and obsession with winning at all costs formed core Trump values

Posted by - August 25, 2020

Last week, Trump decided to double down on his campaign to attack Biden’s religious faith, spreading the lie that Democrats refused to say the word “under God ” during the opening of each day’s Democratic Convention invocation.  This came just a few weeks after Trump’s outrageous statements that his devout, church-going Catholic opponent was “against

George Santos Elected Speaker of House in Startling Upset for McCarthy (satire) Trump’s endorsement of controversial Queens congressman as a “trustworthy billionaire” wins 218 GOP votes

Posted by - April 1, 2020

Washington DC, January 6, 2023:  Kevin McCarthy has lost the House leadership battle to incoming New York freshman congressman George Santos.  “Billionaire George has proven that he’s got what it takes to lead a Republican majority,” proclaimed former President Donald Trump, in a surprise New Year’s Day push that resulted in 218 votes for Santos.

Sonoma County Songwriter Predicts Trump Will Kill Republican Party Ralph Paterno's New Song "The Day Their Party Died" a Biting Parody of "American Pie"

Posted by - August 11, 2016

Ralph Paterno, a Sonoma County songwriter with a crisp voice and an ear for biting parody, just launched this stinging ballad explaining the right wing roots of Donald Trump’s rise to power…     Sung to the tune of Don Maclean’s “American Pie” classic, “The Day Their Party Dies” chronicles the dark side of American

Sanders Political Evolutionaries Will Win In 2020. But It’s Now Time To Support Clinton And Defeat Trump Why the reformist Bernie supporters who insist on honest government for the public interest are the future of the Democratic Party

Posted by - August 2, 2016

Led by more than 70% of the youngest voters in this country, we, the reformist Bernie supporters who INSIST on honest government for the public interest, are the future of the Democratic Party. As Bernie Sanders exits the race for President, I join in the sadness expressed in this video; in the tears and disappointment

In Bypassing Warren As VP, Clinton Raises Risk Of Losing To Trump Commentary: Bernie Sanders' young and independent supporters are the last voters in the world who should be taken for granted.

Posted by - July 24, 2016

 Hillary Clinton’s decision to pass over populist Democrat Elizabeth Warren to name Virginia Governor Tim Kaine  (dubbed “Vanilla Nice” by Politico), as her Vice Presidential running mate, makes it more likely that the dreadful Donald Trump becomes our next President. Clinton’s decision is a carefully calculated risk for the Democratic nominee: that the 12 million