Will Supervisors Vote to Stop Permit Sonoma’s Cruel Eviction War on the Poor? Code Enforcement Now Forces Twice As Many Low Income People Into Homelessness Than County Government Acquires Housing For

Posted by - January 23, 2022

On Tuesday, January 25, the Board of Supervisors will be meeting to set their legislative agenda, in advance, for the entire year.  Last year, Supervisors did not have a single discussion about how they might ease Permit Sonoma’s draconian enforcement policies, which, during a desperate housing crisis, have caused the eviction of about 200 low

Debunking Supervisors’ Six Excuses for Not Reopening Libraries Countering Our Supervisors' Spin About Why They Are Abandoning 100,000 Library Users

Posted by - June 11, 2015

Libraries are the only existing countywide program serving tens of thousands of citizens that was severely cut back during the recent recession and not restored. Monday closings have impacted the lives of more than 100,000 regular library users, most of them toddlers, children, seniors. More than 1,200 citizens signed the Sonoma Independent’s petition urging Supervisors to spend just $1.2 million to restore Library hours. As reported in the Sonoma Independent, libraries had been open 70 hours per week in 1981, and are now open only 40 hours a week. Does this reflect the will of the public, or the unwillingness of our elected representatives to provide responsive government to taxpayers, and remedy the largest funding crisis in our County Library system’s history?