It’s Corporate Media, ‘Moderate’ Democrats, and the Oligarchy vs. Bernie Sanders and a Movement

Posted by - December 23, 2019

For the United States, oligarchy is the elephant—and donkey—in the room. Only one candidate for president is willing to name it. Out of nearly 25,000 words spoken during the Democratic debate last Thursday night, the word “oligarchy” was heard once. “We are living in a nation increasingly becoming an oligarchy,” Bernie Sanders said, “where you

Sanders Political Evolutionaries Will Win In 2020. But It’s Now Time To Support Clinton And Defeat Trump Why the reformist Bernie supporters who insist on honest government for the public interest are the future of the Democratic Party

Posted by - August 2, 2016

Led by more than 70% of the youngest voters in this country, we, the reformist Bernie supporters who INSIST on honest government for the public interest, are the future of the Democratic Party. As Bernie Sanders exits the race for President, I join in the sadness expressed in this video; in the tears and disappointment

In Bypassing Warren As VP, Clinton Raises Risk Of Losing To Trump Commentary: Bernie Sanders' young and independent supporters are the last voters in the world who should be taken for granted.

Posted by - July 24, 2016

 Hillary Clinton’s decision to pass over populist Democrat Elizabeth Warren to name Virginia Governor Tim Kaine  (dubbed “Vanilla Nice” by Politico), as her Vice Presidential running mate, makes it more likely that the dreadful Donald Trump becomes our next President. Clinton’s decision is a carefully calculated risk for the Democratic nominee: that the 12 million

People-Powered Media Fuels Bernie’s Revolution to Restore Democracy A new generation of web-savvy Americans has awoken to the political empowerment that comes from being their own media filter

Posted by - April 14, 2016

A people-powered media revolution is fueling Bernie Sander’s political “second American Revolution.” In a society where the world’s most powerful corporations use campaign donations as a form of bribery to finance misinforming TV ad campaigns for their favored politicians, millions of ordinary Americans are stepping up to be the change we want to see in