Haley Crushes Trump Among SC Voters Who Reject Lie of Stolen Election 80% of reality-based GOP primary voters in SC & NH chose Haley. 80% of Trump voters believe that he won the 2020 election

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Donald J. Trump is the most successful liar of all time. His entire presidential campaign is rooted in the insurrection-justifying falsehood that he was cheated out of the 2020 election. 

In South Carolina, like New Hampshire, exit polls showed that a cult-like belief in Trump’s widely debunked election fraud lie is the largest indicator of whether a voter will vote for him.

81% of Trump voters in he state accepted his lie, while Haley dominated among reality-dwelling citizens, winning 88% of their votes in the GOP primary. 

Nearly all major media headlines about the February 24 election results suggested that South Carolina was a major  success for Trump, because he “dominated” in Haley’s home state. Lost in the congratulations and shameful admonishments that she drop out of the race was the fact that Haley won 75,000 more primary votes than polls suggested she would, losing the race by only 20 points instead of 30 points. 

In terms of impacting the November election against Biden, the news was even more damning for Trump. Nearly 60% of the people who voted for Haley (comprising 24% of the Republican electorate) would not support Trump in the November election

Trump’s success depends on winning the electoral college and razor thin margins in about ten swing states. He will need nearly all the moderate and female Republican voters he had in 2020 to win. 

Haley is creating a growing wedge between deluded MAGA cultists and rational Republicans who resist his calls for a vindictive, democracy-crushing fascist dictatorship and an unpatriotic alliance with Russia against America’s allies. 

This is why the first awareness campaign of our new Stop Trump Dictatorship Project was this minute long, “Dems Vote Haley to Beat Trump in SC” web video, that was viewed more than 400,000 times in the state. 

Haley is blowing the whistle on Trump’s lie and grievance fueled racket, bringing millions of her supporters to the Never Trump side.  Drawing attention to the falsehood of his election fraud lie is probably the single best way she can increase her share of Republican primary votes and stay in the race.

Truth is like kryptonite to the web of deceit that Trump relentlessly spins to justify his corruption, criminality and insurrection. Haley’s recent truth-exposing speeches have been piercing the  right wing echo chamber of Fox News, Sinclair Broadcasting and Newsmax that amplifies Trump’s lies to his MAGA cultists. 

Trump’s 2020 election lie flies in the face of 63 out of 63 voter fraud lawsuits that were lost, nearly half before Republican judges, in the months following the November 2020 election. Trump “loves the uneducated” for a reason. They are far more gullible, and unable to sort political facts from Trump’s fascist fiction. The SC exit polls showed Trump winning voters without a college degree by 37 points. Among those with a college education, primary voters favored Haley by 9 points.


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Jonathan Greenberg

Jonathan Greenberg is the editor and publisher of the award winning Sonoma Independent, which he founded in 2015 to serve the public interest with insight, solutions and advocacy.

In January, 2024, Jonathan launched the StopTrumpDictatorship.com Project to create and market compelling YouTube ads, as well as the Progressive Source PAC to fund them. The effort’s first project was the Dems Vote Haley in SC video, which was viewed 400,000 times in blue counties, contributing to Haley outperforming polls by 10 points.

Jonathan has been an investigative legal and financial journalist with 40 years of experience contributing to national publications. During the past six years, Jonathan wrote four of the most widely-read exposes in the Washington Post about Donald Trump. Jonathan has known Trump longer than any journalist writing today. He was head of research for the first Forbes 400 when Trump conned him into putting him on the list. The notorious phone calls Trump taped pretending to be John Barron was the subject of monologues on Colbert, the Daily Show and Seth Meyers. Jonathan has appeared live on more than a dozen major news shows, including on CNN with Erin Burnett, Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo, on MSNBC with Ari Berber and Ali Velshi, and NPR's On the Media.

Jonathan was a Web 1.0 pioneer. In 1996 he started Gist Communications, a disruptive new media company that competed successfully with News Corp’s TV Guide Online. In 1997, Gist was one of just 14 websites in the world to be named a winner of the First Annual Webby Awards in San Francisco. Following Gist and the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center, Jonathan served, in 2002 and 2003, as Policy Director for the New York City Council’s Select Committee on Lower Manhattan Redevelopment, where he directed media and public policy campaigns and was the city council’s lead analyst for federal relief programs.

In 2007, Jonathan founded Progressive Source Communications, a public interest digital advocacy company that has created scores of impactful videos and campaigns to build awareness of solutions that serve the common good. Progressive Source owns the Sonoma Independent.

Jonathan is a graduate of Yale Law School's Masters Degree in Law fellowship program. A fuller bio and links to Jonathan's work can be found at JonathanGreenberg.com.

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