7 Reasons Why Dems Voting Haley in Primary Would Help Biden Win Video campaign launches to persuade Democrats to weaken Trump's candidacy by voting for Haley in open primary states

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Why wait until November to vote against Trump?

And why waste your primary vote on Biden, who is not facing any real competition?

During the next few months, millions of Democrats in open primary states like South Carolina and Minnesota can take bold, strategic action to help defeat Trump by joining moderate Republicans and independents in voting for Nikki Haley.

You can still vote for Biden in November.

The most important thing that patriotic Americans can do during the next five months to stop Trump’s dictatorship is to help Haley stay in the race.

Here are seven reasons why Democrats voting for Haley in their state’s Republican primaries would help defeat Trump:

1. She Drives Him Crazy

Despite her gentility and poise, Haley is hitting the trigger points of Trump’s rage hard by telling courageous truths about his dementia, incompetence and failure. This incites his anger, making him more unhinged and less appealing to swing voters that he needs to win the November election. 

2. Time is On Her Side

The Republican National Convention is five long months away. If she stays in the race, Haley, youthful and strong, would run Trump ragged and wretched. He would be a far weaker candidate when facing Biden for the grueling presidential election.

3. Trump’s Sexist Attacks on Haley Will Repel GOP Women 

Keeping Haley in the race as long as possible will prolong Trump’s repulsive sexist attacks on her.  Many more Republican women will vote for Biden.

4. Erode Trump’s Funding and Focus

Trump will spend tens of millions fighting Haley. Meanwhile, Haley is draining money from moderate Republicans and conservative business leaders, who are rightfully fearful of the corrupt Putin-style kleptocracy that Trump’s second term would bring. 

5. Non-fascist Fallback Should Trump Die

In the event that Trump has a stroke or dies, Haley could replace him, but only if she stays in the race. Otherwise, Trump’s MAGA movement would select a younger fascist, DeSantis or Cruz, who would be just as dictatorial a president.

6. Haley Winning the Nomination Would End Trump’s Fascist Insurrection

Haley has stated: “I think what happened on January 6 was a terrible day, and I think President Trump will have to answer for it.” If she won the nomination, Americans would not have to worry that she would incite armed extremists to intimidate and threaten election workers.  Or undermine our democracy by lying about winning if she lost.  She would not organize criminal slates of fake electors in states with GOP controlled legislatures to attempt a second January 6 coup in 2024. She would not incite a civil war.

7. Biden stands a better chance of beating Haley Than Trump in November

If Haley manages to beat the odds and wins the nomination, Trump’s MAGA base will HATE her! After six months of hearing anti-Haley “RINO” diatribes, millions of Trump loyalists would lose their motivation and vote for Kennedy or stay home.  Razor thin margins in swing states make it highly likely that Biden would win if even 5% of 2020 Trump voters chose not to vote for Haley. At the same time, many independents and moderate Republicans who voted for Haley would also be attracted to third party candidates. A January 25-29 Quinnipiac poll shows that in a 5-person race, Biden beats Haley with 36% of the fractured vote to Haley’s 29% and Kennedy’s 21%, with 3% each for West and 2% for Stein.


Our new video to persuade Dems to Vote for Haley in South Carolina hits 100,000 views

I have known and written about Donald Trump longer than any journalist working today. More than 40 years ago,  I was the reporter first conned by his fake “John Baron” alias into putting him on the Forbes 400. 

Trump has proven himself, time and time again, to be capable of any con.  Most recently, this includes scamming the 90% of the Republicans who voted for him in this year’s Republican primaries into believing the outrageous lie that he won the 2020 election.

These same voters will knowingly vote for America’s first dictator as long as they feel he is THEIR dictator. If he wins or steals the 2024 election, they will, as Hitler’s followers did in 1933, support his pre-announced mass arrest of political opponents, journalists, protesters and other such “vermin” because they believe that this is necessary to avenge his grievances. And theirs.

The stakes of the 2024 election are too high to ignore. That’s why I, as founder of Progressive Source Communications (and the award-winning Sonoma Independent), just launched the Progressive Source PAC, and our Stop Trump Dictatorship public awareness campaign.

Unaffiliated with any party or candidate, our PAC is crowd sourcing funding to buy carefully targeted, compelling YouTube video ads. Our first one-minute video, Dems Vote Haley to Beat Trump in SC (below) launched on February 5 and already has more 100,000 views in Democratic-leaning counties in South Carolina.  

Next week, we will launch a similar direct web video ad campaign in the open primary, majority Democrat state of Minnesota. Our cost efficient ads over YouTube, the world’s largest social network, is being seen by viewers while they are “leaning back” to view other YouTube videos, instead of “leaning in” to pay attention to news.

Helping our effort by donating here might be the best investment you can make this year to stop Trump. Every $10 donated will allow us to show a Dems Vote Haley YouTube video, customized by open primary state, to more than 300 voting age adults. Every $1,000 donated will pay to show the video to more than 30,000 adults.

The time is now to step up to defend American democracy against the most dangerous fascist movement in our history. Help defeat Trump. Join us.






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Jonathan Greenberg

Jonathan Greenberg is the editor and publisher of the award winning Sonoma Independent, which he founded in 2015 to serve the public interest with insight, solutions and advocacy.

In January, 2024, Jonathan launched the StopTrumpDictatorship.com Project to create and market compelling YouTube ads, as well as the Progressive Source PAC to fund them. The effort’s first project was the Dems Vote Haley in SC video, which was viewed 400,000 times in blue counties, contributing to Haley outperforming polls by 10 points.

Jonathan has been an investigative legal and financial journalist with 40 years of experience contributing to national publications. During the past six years, Jonathan wrote four of the most widely-read exposes in the Washington Post about Donald Trump. Jonathan has known Trump longer than any journalist writing today. He was head of research for the first Forbes 400 when Trump conned him into putting him on the list. The notorious phone calls Trump taped pretending to be John Barron was the subject of monologues on Colbert, the Daily Show and Seth Meyers. Jonathan has appeared live on more than a dozen major news shows, including on CNN with Erin Burnett, Don Lemon and Chris Cuomo, on MSNBC with Ari Berber and Ali Velshi, and NPR's On the Media.

Jonathan was a Web 1.0 pioneer. In 1996 he started Gist Communications, a disruptive new media company that competed successfully with News Corp’s TV Guide Online. In 1997, Gist was one of just 14 websites in the world to be named a winner of the First Annual Webby Awards in San Francisco. Following Gist and the 9-11 attacks on the World Trade Center, Jonathan served, in 2002 and 2003, as Policy Director for the New York City Council’s Select Committee on Lower Manhattan Redevelopment, where he directed media and public policy campaigns and was the city council’s lead analyst for federal relief programs.

In 2007, Jonathan founded Progressive Source Communications, a public interest digital advocacy company that has created scores of impactful videos and campaigns to build awareness of solutions that serve the common good. Progressive Source owns the Sonoma Independent.

Jonathan is a graduate of Yale Law School's Masters Degree in Law fellowship program. A fuller bio and links to Jonathan's work can be found at JonathanGreenberg.com.

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