Prozac or Emotions: One Woman’s Choice Are we here to experience our feelings, or numb them?

Posted by - August 26, 2015

At this point, just a few minutes into my appointment, Dr. Chimera came close to me, closer than felt comfortable, and peered into my face as she put her hands on my knees. She said, “You do not have to feel these sad feelings, Amity.” I tried to back away from her body invading my space. “Of course I do, doctor. It’s natural to feel your feelings.”

Healing Words, Harmful Words What doctors say during treatment impacts a patient’s recovery

Posted by - April 16, 2015

Far too many doctors or nurses have condemned their patients to continued pain or slower healing though their use of negative language. The emotional stress experienced by patients undergoing medical treatment triggers a highly suggestible state that may allow a medical or health authority’s words to imprint strongly upon their subconscious mind. Words and statements